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Weight Loss

Individuals trying to shed extra pounds recognize that weight loss is complex. It necessitates defining a specific strategy that takes your specific requirements into account. To empower you to sustain and accomplish lifelong weight loss, House of Hormones offers a range of monthly programs that include nutritional, behavioural, and health counselling.
Laboratory analyses, vitals readings, BMI computation, and a complete review of your records are essential steps in our initial assessments. This provides us with the opportunity to create a personalized approach that takes into account your body’s individual demands for diet, exercise, and alternative medication. Through our experts’ care, a strategy will be created to start your weight loss journey and assist you in reaching your objectives.

Our weight-loss services include the following:



Semaglutide compound with B12 Shots:

The comprehensive process entails an initial consultation, assessment, and medication discussion. This injectable option helps with weight management by improving appetite and blood sugar levels.



An appetite-suppressing oral drug has been approved by the FDA since 1959 and costs $119 per month. A pre-discussed EKG and lab tests are compulsory.



This medication, which starts at $130 per month, has three major ingredients: caffeine, phentermine, and naltrexone, combined with methylcobalamin, which suppresses appetite and also provides additional metabolic benefits.


HHW weight triple therapy:

This individual regimen, which includes lipo-trim, sermorelin, and naltrexone, is priced after consultation with your healthcare provider. These medications harmoniously work with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise to maximize your weight loss effect. By combining our medications with your diet and exercise habits, you are optimally poised to reach your weight-loss goals.

Don’t wait any further, and start your journey today!