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Wellness Services

We at House of Hormones believe in a functional medicine approach to ensure you feel your best. We provide thorough laboratory testing, an in-depth medical history analysis, prescriptions, and a careful physical examination to assist with thyroid and allergy issues. Among our extensive wellness offerings are the following:

Thyroid Optimization

To maintain a healthy thyroid and help you feel your best, we regularly monitor your thyroid hormone levels and modify your prescription. You know how difficult it may be to control your thyroid naturally. Thyroid level management is a difficult task. Our exceptional thyroid and weight control service is available for $150 plus the cost of medication. It costs $69 to schedule follow-up consultations for labs and medication monitoring.

Food and Environmental Allergy Testing

Two hundred ninety-five distinct kinds of dander, pollen, mites, insects, legumes, and other foods are tested. We may often be allergic to foods or environmental substances and not even be aware of them. This extensive testing is available for $399.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

We provide intramuscular injections or prescription drugs for better health, metabolism, sleep, and other areas. For information on costs and savings, get in touch with us.

Modafinil and NAD+:

These choices are intended to support better relationships, increase productivity at work, and promote general well-being.


This service supports your weight reduction journey by boosting energy and metabolism using lipotropic substances (choline, carnitine, inositol, and methionine). This intramuscular injection is our best-selling solution.

Synergy MaXX

The regimen combines vitamin B complex with lipotropic substances to help with weight loss and provide increased energy and focus.

Immunity Booster

Our triple therapy combines zinc sulfate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and the potent antioxidant glutathione to strengthen your immune system.

Laser Therapy

We provide FDA-approved laser therapy as a secure and efficient alternative for pain management, utilizing cutting-edge technology to advance recovery and improve well-being. Laser therapy is a medical modality that stimulates photobiomodulation (PBM) with focused light. Photons travel into the tissue and interact with the mitochondria’s cytochrome c complex during this process. The encounter sets a biological reaction in motion, which improves microcirculation to damaged tissue, lowers pain, lessens muscle spasms, and increases cellular metabolism. Patients can finally choose a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative for relieving pain thanks to this FDA-approved procedure.

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